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Frequently Asked Questions

When the sun is shining, solar panels convert sunlight into DC (direct current) electricity. The solar inverter converts this electricity into AC (alternating current) power for use in your home.

A single, larger solar power system for the entire society is usually more effective than individual installations for each apartment. This system can manage the load of below common facilities of residential society.
Water Pumps
Club House/ gym
Common area Lighting

Solar System typically includes Solar Photo-Voltaic Panels, Solar Inverters, Mounting Structures, Distribution Boxes (ACDB/DCDB), & Bi-Directional Meter [Net Meter] etc..

Yes, additional panels can be added to expand the capacity of your solar system if space and inverter capacity allow.

Yes, solar panels continue to generate electricity during winter and rainy season, albeit at slightly reduced efficiency due to shorter daylight hours and lower sun angles.

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