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Zero Investment Solar Model

The biggest obstacle any industry / housing society faces before enjoying the beautiful benefits of solar rooftop plant is the initial investment in the solar plant. Now you can install solar plant on your rooftop under Zero Investment Scheme, which eliminates the upfront cost for the rooftop solar plant. Under this scheme, you only have to pay for the electricity the rooftop solar plant generates which is lower than your current purchase rate!

Zero upfront cost
Lower energy cost
Zero maintenance
Zero risk
Transfer of ownership

Residential Solar System


Rising electricity bill is the biggest concern for every household in India Depending on the electrical load that one wish to run on solar and the budget, you can choose either On-Grid or Off-Grid Solar System. As the demand and price of electricity increased, solar panels for houses have started to gain popularity & we have been helping homeowners make the most out of their rooftops with solar solutions that reduce their electricity bills and deliver more reliable power.


Secure investment
Low Maintenance Cost


Industrial Solar System

India is a developing country, and Industries are growing rapidly. One thing which is of concern is the huge electricity bills the industries pay. With the improvement in technology & process simplicity in most of the states, industrial solar power systems are increasing. Generally space is not a constraint for Rooftop Solar Installations in Industries, it makes a viable option for the high electric load requirements. These days, solar power systems are being used by some of the major industries i.e. Agriculture, Textile, Cement, Paper, Steel, Chemical, Dairy, Ceramic.

Energy Efficient
Reduced carbon emission
Accelerated depreciation

Services Offerings


Seamless, professional installation maximizing performance and ensuring long-term reliability of your solar system.

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Repair & Maintenance

Regular upkeep ensures optimal system performance and longevity for your solar installation

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Project Consultancy

Personalized consultation ensuring optimal solar solutions aligned with your energy goals and budget requirements.

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